Case Study

'The following case studies are an endorsement to our client care, professionalism and areas of expertise that our company delivers to its clients'


VERSADOCK International Ltd

"NEVAS Consultants were appointed to provide a translation service through their interpreters. Their Client Care and attention to detail resulted in a timely, accurate and thoroughly professional product for our company. We would have no hesitation in using NEVAS interpreters in the future and unreservedly recommending their work to others."

Versadock International Ltd, Tel: +44 (0)1590 671300,

Volkswagon Group United Kingdom Ltd

"The information provided by NEVAS was accurate and valuable to both Volkswagon UK Ltd and to our parent company in Wolfsburg….enabling strategies to be put in place at our head office and, in turn at various volkswagon facilities in Europe and around the world. The undersigned wishes to thank NEVAS for its valued service in connection with this project"

Paul Buckett

Head of press & public relations, Volkswagon Group UK Ltd

Case Studies


Nevas Consultants were the sole resource provider for Police Training and delivered a resource capability through its Risk & Strategy arm to the AJACS program.

The program delivered the most important police capability development to the Free Syrian Police and NEVAS were the pivotal resource provider of the police training. This resourcing covered: provision of strategic policing advice leading to mentorship of senior police command teams in the preparation and delivery of strategic policing plans; production of modular police training programs written to achieve the most tangible results; provision of accredited professional UK police trainers of the highest standard. NEVAS Consultants extended further to provide invaluable research assessments through analysis of daily social media and open source reports and, the development and implementation of highly efficient strategic delivery plans for equipment procurement in its most cost effective form.

NEVAS Training and Risk and Strategy provide an unparalleled quality of service and support to AJACS, consequently they retain our highest recommendation to any further clients.

NEVAS was asked to assist in a global billion dollar investigation to establish Quantum following the breach of fiduciary duty within the oil and gas sector. NEVAS was able to develop significant lines of enquiry which were instrumental in moving the investigation forward to the benefit of the client.

NEVAS was approached by a client who had become concerned as to the vetting of subjects who had hired two super yachts during the weekend of the Monaco Grand Prix. This request came to NEVAS at the commencement of the hire and the client therefore wished a response 'fast time’.

NEVAS was able to respond to this request and provide intelligence which allowed the client to make a considered and informed approach as to whether to terminate the contract.

NEVAS was tasked with locating 350 individuals whose details were historic. They had moved away many years beforehand and enquiries showed them to have had a global reach. NEVAS was able to demonstrate a 91% success rate.

NEVAS interpreters translated all case papers for Defence solicitors where the client had been charged with murder. On occasions the request bore some urgency. NEVAS were able to demonstrate their professionalism to the client’s satisfaction.

NEVAS interpreters were used to ‘role play’ for police training modules developed by NEVAS and used for the AJACS programme in Syria.

NEVAS received an urgent request to translate a large number of confidential documents into Arabic. Our qualified and vetted interpreters delivered a timely and quality assured product to the client.

NEVAS Consultants currently provide PIP2 investigators to UK Police forces and field a number of requests for accredited investigators.

I want to extend my thanks to John Rae and the team at NEVAS and commend their services to anyone reading this. We had a complex case where we needed to collect monies due against profits made on a resort development project that we sold in 2006. NEVAS uncovered information through a complex web of offshore corporate structures that went right back to the 1980s. Their work was proactive and intuitive securing information that was invaluable in forcing a successful settlement. I should be happy to provide further reference should it be required.

Bru Pearce 11th May 2021

Professional Landlord

"As a professional landlord I relied on my estate agent to carry out reference checks on potential tenants being reassured they used a third party agency who was well established in their industry.

Having found tenants for me and placed them it soon transpired all was not well. On recommendation I contacted NEVAS who then completed their own checks and established the tenants had an outstanding court case in Romania involving debt recovery.

The work done by NEVAS was truly exceptional and has allowed me to move forward in confidence with new tenants"