Cyber Security

Every business has information that needs protection. Customer and employee data can cause embarrassment and legal liability if not kept securely.

Customer and employee data can cause embarrassment and legal liability if not kept securely. Some commercial data is so sensitive that disclosure could cause substantial damage. Keeping this very sensitive data under control while remaining agile and effective requires special expertise.

When your main offices and field of operation are in diverse territories with very different operating conditions and there is a ready market for your most sensitive data then cyber security threats can come from anywhere in the world and law enforcement can sometimes offer only very limited assistance in the event of data theft. NEVAS can help make you successful in this world without boundaries.

How do you mitigate the threat from those who enter your premises illegally or under false pretences? Some Fortune 100 companies vet and monitor those who construct their buildings to prevent the installation of hostile technical devices before the business even moves in. Most take technical steps to ensure that data cannot be extracted from hard disks, USB drives and other media that are lost or stolen – even when removed from a secure data centre. NEVAS’ holistic approach helps you protect your business and your data in ways that bring the expertise in people, processes and technology together.

Managing sensitive information that need to flow between geographically diverse sites or access on the move presents a further set of challenges and physically carrying data across international borders has specific issues. An array of technologies including VPN (Virtual Private Network), FDE (Full Disk Encryption) are advertised as solutions, but without skilled deployment they are sometimes little more than “security theatre”, providing a sense of protection but leaving businesses vulnerable to back doors, social engineering and employee carelessness. NEVAS can not only help you select and deploy the right solutions, but also develop working practices and policies that work for your business. Our strategy is always to help you develop your businesses’ awareness and capability.