Risk & Strategy

“The great thing is to get the true picture, whatever it is.”

Winston Churchill,

November 1940

Integrity Risk

The integrity risk to business and its potential for catastrophic consequences is well documented. Recent examples of systemic failures in both public and commercial sectors have caused serious damage to businesses, their finances, reputation and brand. Recent cases detailed within the banking sector have shown that such consequences, in the worst case, can threaten entire business sectors.

Bribery and corruption remains prevalent, if not endemic in many overseas countries and presents a risk to businesses exposed to these practices. Businesses must take into account the Bribery Act 2010 which makes it an offence for UK nationals and bodies incorporated under UK law to bribe anywhere in the world.

From 01 July 2011, the Bribery Act made it an offence for commercial organisations carrying on any business in the UK, to fail to prevent bribery on their behalf by employees and other associated persons.

NEVAS can offer advice and assistance in managing this risk, through its expertise in anti-corruption strategy and counter-measures.

Political Risk

Success in business in the global working environment demands a sound understanding of regional and local political dynamics if the risks they present are to be properly managed.

Through our mature in-country networks, we can provide critical insight into key local and regional issues and also deliver unique lines of communication, and dialogue thereby building relationships between our clients and the individuals, communities and organizations with whom they must work.

Security Risk

NEVAS understands security, the threats against it and the high priority and duty of care a business must adopt to ensure the safety of its workforce and protection of its assets. Our experts can offer full security auditing, threat and risk assessments and can advise on appropriate counter measures and strategies commensurate with the risks identified.

For our clients we provide critical information on the threat and risk landscape in which they operate, with clear advice on available mitigation strategies and options. We do this through detailed analysis of privileged information allowing for timely and targeted responses to meet our clients needs.

Political Risk