NEVAS Consultants are able to offer to its clients an accurate and high quality translation, transcribing and interpreting service using some of the most qualified interpreters in the language service industry.

“NEVAS Interpreters and Translations assist the world with communications”

Our passion is to continually provide a quality service taking immense pride in our client care to you. All our linguists are experienced in their specialized field, giving full and personal attention to each assignment no matter how small.

Our unique selling point is having been involved with our own global research and training projects we identified the need for our own interpreters to ensure a first class quality product. As a result our Directors decided to offer this product and service to a wider client base.

NEVAS Consultants retain some of the most qualified linguists in the language service industry and we offer an unparalleled service of interpreter and translation services across all disciplines including but not limited to :

Legal sector - Through our own professional experiences shared by our legal partners we provide a service that will alleviate the pressure that comes with court deadlines and time constraints that case workers experience in preparing their papers for court. NEVAS takes that pressure away where interpreting and translations are required, which allows you total peace of mind to concentrate your time and energy on other areas. Whether in Criminal or Civil proceedings our interpreters always maintain confidentiality and impartiality.

Business sector – Our interpreters are experienced in the following areas: Conferencing, meet and greet, telephone and video conference, negotiations, document translation, culture awareness training, role playing, proof reading, and transcription.

Public sector – NEVAS interpreters have experience in working with the Public service, criminal justice service (i.e. police, judiciary, etc.); immigration; healthcare and social services.

Media sector – Interviews; location assistance and programme research assistance is just some of the areas that NEVAS can assist with.

In addition NEVAS interpreters have experience with working in hostile environments and other high profile roles.

By using NEVAS for your Interpreters you gain a company that offers you the following reassurances:

  • ISO 9001 2015 accreditation which demonstrates a robust management system, ensuring a professional and high quality service resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Complete confidentiality, with our personnel signing NDA’s and our data and any data that we process, held securely in a datacentre, to the level of ISO 27001 within the UK, protecting your data and keeping it secure and confidential.
  • Always delivering on time and within agreed budget at a very competitive rate.
  • 24/7 availability.
  • A single point of contact for you the client, whilst your assignment brief is being worked on.

To find out how we can assist you with your requirement please email: